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No matter how good a golfer you are, the course can be a dangerous place. That's why thousands of golfers are now protected by Golf Care's specialist cover; built by golfers, for golfers.


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Our policy options include all the essentials golfers need

Our specialist golf insurance policies have been designed to protect you against the unforeseen incidents that might catch you out on the course. Plus, it's quick and easy to add any optional extras you might need

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Whenever you're playing golf, there's a risk of injury. Just like in any other walk of life, accidents can and DO happen. The story of Lee Trevino being struck by lightning while playing in Chicago in 1975 has gone down in the annals of the sport's legends. It happened as he was on the 13th green, the significance of that no doubt depends on how superstitious you happen to be.

The odds against such an occurrence are, of course, millions to one, but many more injuries are much more common when playing the game. Indeed, on average 12,400 golf-related injuries require hospital treatment every year. A recent court case resulted in a golfer being awarded damages of almost £400,000 when he was hit by a stray ball. So what protection have you got if you injured another golfer? Stray golf balls are an obvious hazard, and of course a golf club wielded carelessly can result in nasty injuries, both of which have been proved in law that a player is liable for. And there's always potential for slips, trips and falls which could result in a strain, sprain or something far worse.

Golf has also become a favourite target for thieves as they know golfers are spending significant amounts of money on high spec equipment. A full set of clubs, bag and trolley today is easily worth £1500, but it can be much higher than this; and yet many golfers fail to have the appropriate golf insurance cover to protect against thefts from vehicles or the locker room. For as little as £34.99 a year, golfers can insure themselves against injury and damage to property and theft, loss and damage of their clubs, providing essential insurance protection each time they go to play golf.

These types of incidents can happen at home or abroad, so it's essential you have golf travel insurance as well as specialist golf insurance for playing in the UK or overseas.

Many golfers assume they are covered by their household policies but a household insurance is just that, not a specialist golf policy. Some household policies will allow you to specify golf equipment as an add on to the policy but an extra premium needs to be paid at a higher premium than specialist golf insurance and won't provide you with the same level of cover offered by a Golf Care specialist golf insurance policy.

Golf Care offers a range of cover to suit the budgets and needs of all golfers, providing cover for loss, theft, or damage of golf equipment; personal liability; personal accident; accidental damage to property; dental treatment; golf equipment hire, club subscription reimbursement and even a hole in one cover to pay for the bar bill.

The simple answer is if you're playing golf, be protected by Golf Care specialist golf insurance in the UK or Golf Travel Insurance if playing abroad.

Take a look at our golf insurance policy options and choose the right level of specialist golf insurance for you, then buy now by using the simple and secure online application.

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A Manchester golfer who lost an eye during a round of golf has been awarded nearly £400,000 in damages.
Anthony Phee who was a visiting golfer playing Niddry Castle Golf Club, Winchburgh, West Lothian said that he had ducked and put his hand up when he heard the cry of “Fore”. Unfortunately this defensive action did not stop the ball striking him in the eye which “exploded” on impact. Mr Phee sued both the player who struck the shot, Mr Gordon, and also the golf club. Read more...

Anthony Phee told the court he was unfamiliar with the layout of Niddry Castle golf course Mr Phee commented “I’m delighted at the judgement and relieved that the court case is over”.

“No-one expects to lose an eye when they go to play golf and adjusting to partially losing my sight has been a harrowing experience. I now just want to move on with my life”.

Mr Phee was walking between holes with his golfing companions when he was struck in the eye by a tee shot from Mr James Gordon.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh awarded damages of £397,000 with Lord Brailsford deciding that Mr Gordon from Livingston was 30% liable and Niddry Castle Golf Club, 70% liable.

John Woosey, Managing Director of Golf Care, the UK’s largest golf insurer commented “We live in an increasingly litigious society and claims like this are becoming far more frequent. Here at Golf Care we’ve been shouting about the dangers and implications of mishit shots for quite some time and the importance of being properly insured against a disaster such as this. Whether you’re a single figure handicapper or a golfing novice, we all hit poor shots. I’m sorry but why take the risk when for less than 30% per year you can be covered. It simply doesn’t make sense to take to the course without the protection of a specialist golf insurance policy.”

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It is essential when comparing golf insurance policies to make an informed decision based upon your own personal requirements. A golf insurance policy is fast becoming a mandatory precaution against any number of eventualities that can result from stepping out onto the golf course. Read more...

We are sympathetic to the fact that comparing Golf Insurance Policies through Golf Insurance Comparison sites can prove a monotonous task and as such we provide you with an easy and flexible option to secure the best Golf Insurance policy to meet both your budget and your personal requirements. We are the fastest growing Golf Insurer in the UK and our growth can be attributed to our Lowest Price Promise – at Golf Care, we will not be beaten on price. If you happen to find a cheaper Golf Insurance policy elsewhere then we will refund the difference. In the event that you are unsatisfied with your level of cover, or any other aspect of our service, then you can take advantage of our no questions asked 14 days money back guarantee.

We know you want peace of mind and we know that’s why you have come to us to take advantage of the best range of golf insurance policy options available anywhere. All our policy options include Golf Equipment Insurance and cover you against a range of eventualities including personal liability, personal injury and damage to third party property - golf travel insurance cover also means you can travel worldwide with complete peace of mind safe in the knowledge that you are covered against any and every eventuality.

It’s an often stated complaint that Golf Insurance Comparison websites fail to include the vast range of insurance options offered to consumers by Golf Insurance companies – some companies even refuse to feature on Insurance Comparison websites. That’s why, with our Lowest Price Promise, we take the hassle and frustration out of comparing Golf Insurers and bring you the best deal direct.

But don’t take our word for it. Browse our policy options to see for yourself.

Just a few reasons why Golf Care is the UK’s largest specialist golf insurer

Spend less on your insurance, more on your golf.

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